Examples of repairs and total refurbishments to various Coleless Induction Furnaces carried out by SIR.


Fully refurbished Inductotherm 275kW, 3000 kg, 250kg (Aluminium) Coil.   Fully refurbished Taylormade 500kg (Iron) furnace assembly.
Fully refurbished coil section Birlec 700kW, 50Hz, 3000kg (Aluminium).   Fully refurbished Inductothem 20kgroll over assembly.
  Fully refurbished Inductotherm 1000kW, 1500kg (Aluminium) coil.
Fully refurbished Ajax 2000kg (Iron) power coil.   Partial repair to a Inductotherm 6000kg (Iron) coil.   Fully refurbished Radyne furnace assembly 3500kW, 6000kg (Iron).

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